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Our mission and strategy is to be people-driven while creating a better environmental quality in South Africa through the fundamental of environmental and developmental sustainability.


The objective is to contribute to the planning and development process in such a manner that the impact on environmental conditions in the construction and operational stages of the development are reduced to the lowest possible levels.

This is done through close communication with the town planner and/or the civil engineer on the project. This exercise culminates in an environmental management plan that stipulates practical means to enhance positive impact and mitigate negative impacts. We are committed to ensuring that natural and social environmental issues are addressed in all development projects.


Our almost 20 year experience is across a broad range of development projects and clients involved in assignments in the urban and rural environments. Our main client base include private land developers, local authorities, farmers, industrial developers, and mining enterprises where we form part of the project team which usually consist of Civil Engineers, land surveyors, Town and Regional Planners, Property Developers, and Architects etc.

Our services include:

Basic Environmental Impact Assessments, Scoping and EIA, 24G Rectification Applications, Environmental Monitoring, Mining Right & Permit Applications, Mining Closure Applications and Environmental Management Plans.

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