Our mission and strategy is to be development-driven while

creating better environmental quality in South Africa through

the fundamentals of environmental and developmental



REC is owner managed by Pieter van der Merwe who has been involved in environmental relations for over 25 years.


REC offer a wide range of services in the environmental field


REC serve a wide range of clients in many sectors of the economy on a regular basis.


Pieter has a clear vision for his firm being that of continues personal and professional service delivery to clients.

Our over 25 year experience base in Environmental Management is

across a broad range of development projects and clients

involved in assignments in the urban and rural environments.  

Our main client base includes private land developers, filling

station developers, local authorities, livestock farmers,

industrial developers, mining enterprises and other parastatal

organizations. We form part of the project team which usually

consist of Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Land Surveyors,

Town and Regional Planners, Property Developers, and Architects




EIA Process Coordination


Formal Enquiries to the relevant departments whether an Environmental Authorisation (EA) is required.


Basic and Full Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

Section 24G Applications


Water Use License Applications


Integrated Water and Waste Management Plans


Mining Right & Permit Applications
Monitoring and Performance Assessments for construction and operation sites as Environmental Control Offices


Environmental Management Programmes

Growth & Vision

The growth of the firm is constant and controlled, the expansion criteria followed is of such a nature that it ensures the best possible service and expertise to existing clients.

The underlying principles and actions that contribute to being successful in practising the vision of REC are the following:

Professional conduct.


Personal attention to client matters.

Personal relationships.

Prompt and Efficient

A ship in harbor is safe — but that is not what ships are built for.”

John A.Shedd.

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